The Clementine.js Logo


It's been a great ride. I started Clementine.js in 2015 with two goals: to help myself learn fullstack JavaScript web development and to provide a resource for others to learn as well. It felt like an ambitious project for a first open-source project in the days before the popularity of platforms like Medium and

To my pleasant surprise, Free Code Camp (a community I was actively engaged in at the time) decided to include Clementine.js as part of their curriculum, which meant I had a lot of people providing feedback and learning from the project I had created. I can't easily express both the overwhelming feeling of happiness and trepidation at this news. Despite a heightened sense of anxiety, it was a great experience and I was able to help many people learn to code.

The learning landscape is incredibly different now, and has been for the past several years -- there are so many great resources! I've tried to come up with ideas to preserve the spirit of the project with updated resources & writing, but the idea never sticks and inevitably falls dormant for months. At this point, I feel like the project is actually detrimental to learning modern web development because it teaches outdated practices. Knowing that, I feel like the best thing to do is to put the project on hold and archive the repositories.

Thank you to everyone that has used Clementine.js to learn over the past several years, and especially those who reached out to me with your testimonials. I'm absolutely humbled and proud to have been part of your journeys. Please don't hesitate to find me on Twitter with any questions / concerns in the future.